I can't wait to hear some of that goodness that I hear keeps happening at the studio. What's the eta on a drop yo?

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Sooner than later? We are as antsy as anyone to get this thing out but if this is the record we have been waiting our whole lives to make with no excuses or the whole ‘we could have done a better job with (name ANYTHING)’. I am still in shock at how many people still care and we want to make sure you and the other friends and family that have been waiting get the best of us and the best of what we do. So, i guess that hasn’t even come close to answering your question… sorry. We hope to be done by the end March so we can be on the road for summer and see you and your wife’s wonderful faces as we attempt to turn the recording into a live show… EEK! Hope you are well and thanks for writing we appreciate you hanging in there with us Josh.




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"A Gentle Reminder" Deluxe Edition is out now via Rise Records (click here) and features one previously unreleased track, the "Got Friends" EP, five new mixes and a complete remaster.


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